The Canava

This large underground space was the main production space of the complex. Its year round constant temperature was ideal for the production of wine.

Let’s travel back in time; we are in August 1951, at the “vedema” season. It’s late in the afternoon, after a long day picking grapes on the fields and donkeys carrying baskets with the precious load have arrived. The baskets are unloaded and a cheerful evening starts with the pressing of the grapes. The must is flowing, filling slowly the large underground tanks that you can see scattered around the main area. Then some large oak barrels (not present any more) are filled with the must that will turn in the months to come into the famous Santorini wine.

According to the neighbors, the Canava has had various uses through times and was used to shelter homeless inhabitants of the village after the devastating 1956 earthquake.

Guests: up to 4 (2 Queen Size Double Beds)

Size: 120 sq.m.

Bedrooms: 2

Bathrooms: 2