Welcome to Alluvial Santorini Suites!

Alluvial Santorini Suites is a wonderful early 20th century winery. After many years of neglect, it has recently been transformed into a set of unique contemporary accommodations to relax and enjoy your stay in Santorini!

The property is situated only a mile away from the unique caldera view, in Messaria, a traditional and very quiet village with easy access to the airport and Athinios port.

Alluvial Santorini Suites consists of three separate apartments, ideal for couples or even a whole group (up to 9 persons)

The complex consists of the following suite, each with its unique story:

And the following spaces:

  • The Courtyard
  • The Cisterns


The Courtyard

The enclosed and private courtyard is the heart of the complex. It has not changed much since the early days of  the property. Today it serves as a lounging area for all guests, transformed into a beautifully decorated shared patio with a plunge pool (not heated) where you can enjoy your breakfast, or rest after a long day at the beach and drink a glass of wine.

The Cisterns

Water has always been scarce in Santorini. The aridity of the land and the absence of natural water sources led the inhabitants to create large underground cisterns to store
The house features two large cisterns under the courtyard with a total capacity of 77m3 of water. Three large openings give access and one of them has a glass cover through which you can see the stored water.